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Hey, I am Eevee and this is veekun and it's a Pokédex. You probably want to type into that box in the top right, or maybe just start browsing.

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The smaller New Nintendo 3DS will be released in North America, exclusive to an Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer bundle.
Magnezone and Swinub have been unveiled for Blue Shock • Red Flash.
The Pokémon Company International has issued a lawsuit against a group organizing a Pokémon-themed party at PAX Prime, alleging copyright violation.
The latest patch for Pokémon Shuffle has added two new special stages, as well as returned the Pokémon Safari.

I love programming. It’s like playing with Lego — here are some blocks, see what you can build with them.

That sounds a bit less impressive now, but when I was a kid walking uphill both ways, I only had a very generic Lego set where all the pieces were cuboids. If I wanted to build a house with a sloped roof, well, that was too bad. I could cheat a little, though, by making several layers in a terrace pattern. It wasn’t actually sloped, but it did the job well enough by making creative use of the tools I had within the constraints I was given. You might call it a hack.

Self-identified hackers will often lament how “hack” now has two meanings and everyone assumes the wrong one. I think there’s really only one meaning, and the “break into computers” sense is a special case. It’s not like breaking into a system is magic, or done by running hack.exe; it’s just a creative use of the tools you have within the constraints you’re given. Like when the constraint is “your username is placed in a string of SQL” and you decide to place a couple quotation marks in your username.

So I’m always a little surprised when programmers don’t get security issues or how to defend against them, because to me, it requires exactly the same mindset as programming. And I suspect the problem is a quiet assumption most people tend to make: no one is that much of an asshole.

That’s not entirely unreasonable. Every stranger you pass on the street could be a hired assassin, but that’s fairly unlikely, and we have punishments to discourage that sort of thing. Ultimately we have to have some level of trust in other people in order to be around them at all.

And yet.

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