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With the Evolutions TCG expansion just two weeks away from being officially released to stores, fans are now able to participate in Prerelease Tournaments held to provide an early look at all the cards in the expansion. With players receiving packs of Evolutions, Bulbanews can now provide card scans of the upcoming cards.
TV Tokyo has announced the opening song for Sun & Moon anime series.

I have a teeny tiny pet peeve with dialogue boxes. Er, not dialog boxes — dialogue boxes, the ones in video games with scrolling lines of dialogue.

A fake dialogue box, with scrolling text that jumps when it wraps

I recently wrote a dialogue box, and I saw a game that made this mistake, so here’s a post about it.

Nintendo has revealed their next console, the Nintendo Switch. Originally known only by its code name "NX", the Switch acts as both a handheld console and a home console, by inserting it into or removing it from the Nintendo Switch Dock. It will be released in March 2017.
The 19th Pokémon movie, Hoopa and the Clash of Ages, will premiere in Hoyts cinemas in Australia and New Zealand on Nov. 4, 2016.
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I’ve been dipping my toes into Doom mapping again recently. Obviously I’ve done it successfully once before, but I’m having trouble doing it a second time.

I have three major problems: drawing everything too small, drawing everything too rectangular, and completely blanking on what to do next. Those last two are a bit tricky, but struggling with scale? That sounds like a problem I can easily solve with charts and diagrams and math.

2016-10-07 01:59:00

In the beginning, there was ZZT. ZZT was a set of little shareware games for DOS that used VGA text mode for all the graphics, leading to such whimsical Rogue-like choices as ä for ammo pickups, Ω for lions, and for keys. It also came with an editor, including a small programming language for creating totally custom objects, which gave it the status of “game creation system” and a legacy that survives even today.

A little later on, there was MegaZeux. MegaZeux was something of a spiritual successor to ZZT, created by (as I understand it) someone well-known for her creative abuse of ZZT’s limitations. It added quite a few bells and whistles, most significantly a built-in font editor, which let aspiring developers draw simple sprites rather than rely on whatever they could scrounge from the DOS font.

And then…

And then, nothing. MegaZeux was updated for quite a while, and (unlike ZZT) has even been ported to SDL so it can actually run on modern operating systems. But there was never a third entry in this series, another engine worthy of calling these its predecessors.

I think that’s a shame.

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