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With the release of the first Pokémon Sun and Moon related Trading Card Game expansion releasing on Dec. 9, 2016, the included cards have begun to leak online via distributors and early patrons. Each expansion has 73 cards, including 13 Secret Rares each, with a Starter Set supplementary release and various promotional cards bringing the total to well over 200 new Japanese cards for the TCG. The sets introduce over 40 Generation VII Pokémon in addition to a new rarity named Hyper Rare.
More Pokémon will be added to Pokémon GO. Details will be announced on December 12, 2016.
A new update for Pokémon GO that brings the game to version 0.49.1 (labelled 1.19.1 on the App Store) is currently being rolled out.
The Pokémon Global Link has posted a notice about an issue involving the Rocky Helmet in Pokémon Sun and Moon that causes the wrong player to be declared the winner in tie-breaker circumstances.

Ah, C. The best lingua franca we have… because we have no other lingua francas. Linguae franca. Surgeons general?

C is fairly old — 44 years, now! — and comes from a time when there were possibly more architectures than programming languages. It works well for what it is, and what it is is a relatively simple layer of indirection atop assembly.

Alas, the popularity of C has led to a number of programming languages’ taking significant cues from its design, and parts of its design are… slightly questionable. I’ve gone through some common features that probably should’ve stayed in C and my justification for saying so. The features are listed in rough order from (I hope) least to most controversial. The idea is that C fans will give up when I call it “weakly typed” and not even get to the part where I rag on braces. Wait, crap, I gave it away.

I’ve spent a little time trying to embed a Lua interpreter in ZDoom. I didn’t get too far yet; it’s just an experimental thing I poke at every once and a while. The existing pile of constraints makes it an interesting problem, though.

Zed Shaw, of Learn Python the Hard Way fame, has now written The Case Against Python 3.

I’m not involved with core Python development. The only skin I have in this game is that I like Python 3. It’s a good language. And one of the big factors I’ve seen slowing its adoption is that respected people in the Python community keep grouching about it. I’ve had multiple newcomers tell me they have the impression that Python 3 is some kind of unusable disaster, though they don’t know exactly why; it’s just something they hear from people who sound like they know what they’re talking about. Then they actually use the language, and it’s fine.

I’m sad to see the Python community needlessly sabotage itself, but Zed’s contribution is beyond the pale. It’s not just making a big deal about changed details that won’t affect most beginners; it’s complete and utter nonsense, on a platform aimed at people who can’t yet recognize it as nonsense. I am so mad.

You may have noticed that I like comparing features across different languages. I hope you like it too, because I’m doing it again.


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