WHIRLWIND EXPLANATION: Pokémon have a fixed, permanent score from 0 to 31 for each stat that affects how good that stat can ever get.

This calculator will figure out that score (called a "gene" or, more obtusely, an "IV") for you, so you can discard the unworthy. It's more accurate for higher-level Pokémon, so it's helpful to go into a level 100 wifi battle with someone and check your Pokémon's stats from there.

Stat calculator

Stats Effort
Special Attack
Special Defense

"Stats" are your Pokémon's actual stats, from the Summary screen in-game.

"Effort" is accumulated as your Pokémon battles.
If you don't know what this is, and your Pokémon has EVER battled or eaten a vitamin, this calculator CANNOT work. Using Rare Candy is okay, though.

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