Item Effect
Berry Juice Berry Juice

Restores 20 HP.

Energy Powder Energy Powder

Restores 50 HP, but lowers happiness.

Energy Root Energy Root

Restores 200 HP, but lowers happiness.

Fresh Water Fresh Water

Restores 50 HP.

Full Restore Full Restore

Restores HP to full and cures any status ailment and confusion.

Hyper Potion Hyper Potion

Restores 200 HP.

Lemonade Lemonade

Restores 80 HP.

Max Potion Max Potion

Restores HP to full.

Moomoo Milk Moomoo Milk

Restores 100 HP.

Potion Potion

Restores 20 HP.

Soda Pop Soda Pop

Restores 60 HP.

Super Potion Super Potion

Restores 50 HP.

Sweet Heart Sweet Heart

Restores 20 HP.

PP recovery
Elixir Elixir

Restores 10 PP for each move.

Ether Ether

Restores 10 PP for one move.

Max Elixir Max Elixir

Restores PP to full for each move.

Max Ether Max Ether

Restores PP to full for one move.

Max Revive Max Revive

Revives with full HP.

Revival Herb Revival Herb

Revives with full HP, but lowers happiness.

Revive Revive

Revives with half HP.

Sacred Ash Sacred Ash

Revives all fainted Pokémon with full HP.

Status cures
Antidote Antidote

Cures poison.

Awakening Awakening

Cures sleep.

Big Malasada Big Malasada

Cures major status ailments and confusion.

Burn Heal Burn Heal

Cures a burn.

Casteliacone Casteliacone

Cures any status ailment and confusion.

Full Heal Full Heal

Cures any status ailment and confusion.

Heal Powder Heal Powder

Cures any status ailment, but lowers happiness.

Ice Heal Ice Heal

Cures freezing.

Lava Cookie Lava Cookie

Cures any status ailment and confusion.

Lumiose Galette Lumiose Galette

Cures all major status ailments and confusion.

Old Gateau Old Gateau

Cures any status ailment and confusion.

Paralyze Heal Paralyze Heal

Cures paralysis.

Shalour Sable Shalour Sable

Cures any major status ailment and confusion.

Ability Capsule Ability Capsule

Switches a Pokémon between its two possible (non-Hidden) Abilities.

Calcium Calcium

Raises Special Attack effort and happiness.

Carbos Carbos

Raises Speed effort and happiness.

Clever Wing Clever Wing

Increases Special Defense effort by 1.

Genius Wing Genius Wing

Increases Special Attack effort by 1.

Health Wing Health Wing

Increases HP effort by 1.


Raises HP effort and happiness.

Iron Iron

Raises Defense effort and happiness.

Muscle Wing Muscle Wing

Increases Attack effort by 1.

PP Max PP Max

Raises a move's max PP by 60%.


Raises a move's max PP by 20%.

Protein Protein

Raises Attack effort and happiness.

Rare Candy Rare Candy

Causes a level-up and raises happiness.

Resist Wing Resist Wing

Increases Defense effort by 1.

Swift Wing Swift Wing

Increases Speed effort by 1.

Zinc Zinc

Raises Special Defense and happiness.