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    Soapbox: Regular users can't start new threads.
  • here we go
Pushed some stuff, like a front page. Don't think it quite works right yet, but I've gotta run! I'm sure I'll come back to a deluge of error emails. Enjoy.
btw you should be able to reply...
Test post for Eevee blah blah blah.
Sweat-drop of doom?
Eevee-san, the cries aren't working.
im in ur news post, replying
Great site it has helped me greatly on my college term paper god bless
eevee this is quite good. but you still havent finished my forum :D
I have no idea why, but I never even considered that postbits might go on the right of the post, and I really like it.
phpbb does it all the time. :D
omg omgomg eevee I absolutely love that the updates are a feed of multiple websites. just. dsfdjkglggah. My colour bar doesn't have red this is an outrage.
There should be three color bars generated for you and you should be able to choose one of them (permanently). Best solution. Also, I'm just posting to see paging.
No newlines!
Html ?
*emphasis*? does eevee have TEXT FORMATTING enabled?
There's no formatting and no paging. Getting the front page working was a bit higher of a priority than bells and whistles for the forum. 8) You may notice there are email-based gravatars, but you can't actually specify your email. Also, yes, colorbars still suck. Will probably revisit that.
Yep, identicons are pretty cool!
Do I have an "identicon"?
Oh I do! And it's... Yellow...
My God, this is awesome. Great work, Eevee!
Yay! But what's the point of the colorbars? Is it an identifier in case someone changes their display name?
Yes, and because display names aren't required to be unique.
Something tells me that's not the best idea...
With Unicode it's possible to impersonate someone else anyway. I'd rather just take care of shenanigans with bans than implement a nigh-worthless system that can be a pain for actual users.