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For various technical reasons, I'm considering ditching the forums, front page stuff, user logins—basically everything but the Pokédex itself. I'd like to resurrect that stuff in some other form later+elsewhere, but for now I'm definitely regretting trying to build the Pokédex as just one part of a larger site when it's clearly not. This might encourage me to actually work on the 'dex more again, too. Maybe.

Does anyone, like, care? These are not exactly high-traffic forums, but it seems polite to ask.


The Forums were a nice touch, but really I only come here for the beautifully organized 'dex pages. Also your frontpage newsfeed dealio is the nicest compilation of pokémon related news I've seen. the forums themselves certainly don't need as much organization/diversification for the amount of traffic that comes through.

But you're the site owner, so its really your call.


As Abkanis said, the forums do make a nice touch, but I think the Pokedex is probably the most attractive part here. If the forums were a bit more active, that might make them seem better. I know that trades can often be organized through here (My first Wifi trade was done because of the forums here), but since not many people seem to be using them, they seem like just a small little add on to the Pokedex. But if they were brought back like you said elsewhere or in a different form, I'd be glad to see that happen! :D And if you needed some help with some banner like things or something, I'm available! (Even though I'm sort of an amateur). Hopefully this input helps a wee bit! >.<


Eh... sorry for taking my sweet time replying.

The way I look at is: I really never use forums any more as it is.

What I do use to forum my opens by writing in bold letters on the page tends to be: * Blogs * Gallery Sites (ala DeviantArt, YouTube) * Microblogs (ala Twitter, * Curators (ala Tumblr, Google Plus) * Hell on Earth (ala Facebook, Saskatchewan)

These days I'm less inclined to blog about stuff... but once stuff like Tumblr, Twitter and Saskatchewan (I kid... Facebook is much more pleasant than Saskatchewan) started appearing... I stopped doing the forum thing really.

My suggestion would be to figure out how to get the bug traqs, news comments and forum posts to show up as just user notes on each of the pages sort of thing. This would require a few other things added to make it meaningful... or meaningless (follow all posts on Cloyster), though it would give some of your own statistics from this to better the Pokedex (spam guards needed to be tested on Mudkips before other pages sort of thing).

Look at how some of the Oorubooros do it.. maybe look at dA (well, I remember your bint about FA...), twitter and Youtube for how they handle their comment system. Also look at how GamerDNA moved from a forum based setup to a Social Network system... which worked good, until the company that owned then pretty much frakked the pooch. They are getting better again.

On the news feeds... you cover news feeds for websites that I cannot give a crap to actually go to. However when it appears in your news feed, I'm like "what is this... I must see this out". In amongst posts of your own, of course. It also gives more credit to your website, by having the latest news, and giving the impression your pokedex is update. Remove the news or stop update, most visitors will assume the data is static and get edgy on that basis.


I'd say keep the news, your site loads faster than bulbanews. Your creation is much more efficient than that which is generated by wiki markup.

The forums are so dead that you asking before axing is a mere formality.


While I would kinda miss the forums if they were gone for a while, since they don't get a lot of traffic, I guess you should do what you think is best. Thanks for at least asking, though. Still, I think the news feed should stay in some form, as a lot of people seem to use it. Also, it lets me know when major updates have been made to the 'Dex, thus letting me know when to run GIT to stay up to date. Ultimately, though, it is up to you.


Are you still planning to do this, ’Vee? I wouldn’t mind you ditching the forums, but I wish you’d keep the front page. Maybe bring back the Shoutbox? Or have your Twitter feed?

P.S. Hi everyone, I know I haven’t been here in ages.


Not sure. I'm toying with a redesign and blah blah nerd things maybe there'll end up being forums maybe not. Probably not to start, possibly not directly attached. Who knows. Come help me build stuff.


yaa good post