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  • Black and White sprites

This is awesome.


Wow, Finally! >_< I been waiting for this, thank you so much!

Other day, Nintendo requested Japanese blogger to take dawn the list of 5Gen Pokemon. and today, I heard NoA requested to take down all BW screenshot. Wouldn't it be little dangerous to release (or use) this now?


I'm loving the backsprites.


I have no idea what's going on. If they ask me to take stuff down, I guess I will. But the game has been released, and Internet Lawyering 101 tells me that some level of illustrations fall under fair use for a reference guide, so I don't know what their objection would be.


Man I really gotta implement post editing.


Can't wait to see these up with the rest of the sprites in the Pokedex pages.


Workin' on it!


Good work! I'm looking forward to the other frames + animation.

About NoA and cease and desists: PokéBeach was also requested to take down images, and they shared the letter from NoA:


My god Eevee, that was done at LIGHT SPEED. Just for comparision, how many days did it take for the D/P sprites to be ripped?


I don't mean to put a damper on this parade, but the guys at Serebii seem to have found that Genosect (#649) has 4 alternate forms (based on the items called Cassettes カセット), and the files in unsorted only have 3 of these alternates (blue for Aqua, yellow for Inazuma, red for Blaze; missing one for Freeze). Also, the different plate Arceuses aren't in the current tarball.


Eevee, you're awesome. Even though you're not my favourite Pokémon. Is there a chance you'll rip the animated menusprites as well? They should'n be hard to do... I'd do it myself but i lack any of the m4d c0ding 5kill2 it requires :/