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So, for several generations now, our whole schtick has been that all the data is ripped straight from the games, as directly as possible.

We can't do that with X and Y. 3DS games are encrypted, even on physical cartridges. We're working on scraping what we can together manually (mostly via this spreadsheet if you'd like to help fill it out), but it's going to be a little while before we have anything remotely complete and polished. And I'm working on (yet another!) site sprucing-up, too. So hang on while we work all this out -- or come find us on IRC and give us a hand.

In the meantime, go play the damn game and enjoy yourself. :)


Any estimated date on how soon veekun's pokedex will be updated? I prefer this site over the others by far. So many useful features and the organization is fantastic. xD well keep it up Eevee!


And now he's behind AGAIN, since ORAS just happened. Still, to get updated that fast for gen 6 in general was impressive. ^^