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All Pokémon learned moves, and a bunch of bug fixes. (Including, uh, the comparer not working for gen5 Pokémon. Oops.)

Sorry about the slowness today. Hopefully things will calm down a bit during the week. Thanks for the attention, though! ♥

And by the way there ARE forums here, though they're hidden and woefully unfinished:

There's also IRC, of course, which is way better and linked all over the place.


1) Nice fixed 2) Nice forum (so far)

I can't wait to actually using the site to fix up a gen5 team. (pre- and post national dex)


I think that the evolution of Hitmonlee isn't right.


Yeah, Hitmonlee should be when Attack > Defense, Hitmonchan should be when Attack < Defense, and Hitmontop when Attack = Defense. Unless something seriously changed in B/W.


Fixed this.