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  • Every Single Pokémon II

Blatant advertising ahoy:

The lovely PurpleKecleon is at last crafting a sequel to the infamous work of classic art never been equaled since the Sistine Chapel got a new paint job: EVERY SINGLE POKÉMON.

The followup is aptly titled Every Single Pokémon 2.

Anyway, if you fancy yourself a patron of the arts, you can chip in a few bucks to sponsor some particular Pokémon, and she'll send you a crop of them as soon as they're done—no waiting for the whole image to be finished.

Sponsor Pokémon

(I built this with Bottle, to see what it was like. Barren, but interesting, and seems to run fine.)

((I will totally update the site Real Soon Now.))


OK it seems I decided at some point to strip out images in posts, including for myself. What a jerk I am. Luckily I have db access.


Haha, ok, I love how the image links to her journal, which then has the same image linking to this website. Seriously though good luck to her. (I'll see if I can spread the word, though I doubt I can tell anyone who wouldn't know already.)


Whoops that's supposed to link to the donatey page sigh.