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It's that time again.

Pardon for lack of significant updates lately; life is being hectic and I started on another big project for reasons beyond my own comprehension.

Currently in progress:

  • Black and White oh god! Almost done. I have some item effects written locally, and after that there's really just encounters to do.
  • Internationalization; the enterprising EnCuKou has been working on making veekun work in non-English languages. He is crazy and I guess I am too because I think that's awesome.
  • Breeding chain calculator, which is half-finished.
  • A lot of UI improvements that primarily exist in my head because I haven't had time to do them.

Plus half a dozen other things I want to do later. Once we're finally done collecting data (ha!), we can have some fun here. 8)


Okay, wow, Markdown lists kinda look like garbage at the moment. SIGH.




Congrats on your annual positive incrementation of your age stat! I wish I had something more relevant and/or exciting to write down here, but I just got hammered by a snowstorm. Which sucks.

~signed; Some random on the internet/long time veekun lurker


Hope you had a happy day fearless leader of the most epic Pokedex on the interwebs.


BTW, obnoxious.js is a huge load on my processor. Is this abnormal?


It's a pretty big load on mine too. AND it floats on top of the text instead of under it. Obnoxious indeed. But hey, it's Eevee's birthday, he can do what he wants^^


That's why I finally gave in this year and only put it on the front page (and the Eevee page) instead of everywhere.

Also why it's called obnoxious.js.


has been working on making veekun work in non-English languages

Italian included? translators needed?


Probably, and possibly! I'll make a big fanfare about it when it's actually ready to be translated.