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    Soapbox: Regular users can't start new threads.
  • Old veekun dead at the moment

It's so woefully out of date that it just doesn't seem to want to run against the current Catalyst. This would probably be non-trivial work to fix. Given that the forums sort of work now, and the only missing feature left is the breeding chain calculator, I'm inclined to let this be its quiet funeral. Objections?


Good bye, old veekun. You have served us well.


Veekun is dead. Long live Veekun!


Farewell, dear Brownkun. You were as beautiful as you were convenient. Let us usher into a new era of more convenience and simplicity~


It would be good if I could create a thread.


Oh hey someone should've told me about that. Fixed.


How sad...!


I want to see my pretty bar in a wider form.




At least it died peacefully, maybe.


I'll miss the brown-colored goodness. But progress pushes us ever forward. Ah, c'est la vie! And yes, that was French. Get over it. :)