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As you may have noticed on the front page, we have done a lot of stuff. Most of that stuff revolves around the ability to translate veekun into other languages, which is not yet ready. There's also some other various project reorganization to do, and some technology upgrades, and blah blah. Someday we might get around to adding new features again!

Okay well some actual new features, because that list of changes is super long and full of junk:

  • You can now see prior evolutions' moves. Hurrah.
  • Stat calculator was beefed up considerably.
  • Bunch of move/ability effect fixes.
  • B/W items now all have effects, and I've rewritten a lot of the old effects. A lot of items now have short effects, which show up in the item lists.
  • Ditched my old "move categories", and added the data the game has about move effects. Don't think I'm done here, but it's somewhat of an improvement and less effort to maintain.
  • We now have encounters for all of Gen 3, only a few years late.
  • Gen 5 Pokémon now have their body shapes.

Ugh I forgot lists are still way ugly.


Ugh I forgot lists are still way ugly.

More importantly, blockquotes are indistinguishable from regular text.


The "Prior Evolutions Moves now listed" bit excites me; no longer will I need to track through evolutions to find out my Alcohol inspired plan won't work! You have saved me 2 minutes for me today alone!

I do miss the quote thing though.


As I've suggested in the IRC, though, if a Pokemon has a pre-evolved form that exists in a prior generation, that Pokemon's moves from that generation should be shown as well, EXCEPT HMs, which cannot be Pal-Parked up.


Those are slightly convoluted rules and I've historically not really acknowledged tradeability at all. :/


Then it shall be the one way in which Serebii is better than you.


To be fair, Veekun does link to Serebii at the bottom of each page.


Hmmmmmmm..... I miss the breeding chain calculator. When is the Gen V Pokemon Locations gonna be up? Not to sound ungrateful, because you're awesomesauce, but I'm having a feud with Bulbapedia and I'm trying to use veekun as much as possible.

Yup. But updates are awesome.


magical is working on the gen 5 encounters and they are really close last I heard.

Breeding chain calculator needs finishing, I know, sorry. :( It's hard and a lot of other emergencies have sprung up since I re-started on it.