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We have, at last, performed the Great Repository Split. pokedex has been divided into pokedex, for code and data, and pokedex-media, for... media.

In the process we rewrote the entire pokedex history, the idea being that 3/4 of its size was just sprites (and previous revisions thereof). There's a series of arcane git commands you can perform to switch an existing checkout to use the new repository, but unless you really really need to move commits over or something, you're probably better off just doing a fresh clone. Definitely DO NOT use git pull!

Additionally, most of the spline-* repositories have been merged together. This change is backwards-compatible-y, although the merged repositories obviously don't exist any more.

So there are now five projects left powering veekun (or will be as of the next update): spline, spline-pokedex, pokedex, pokedex-media, and veekun. You'll probably need to re-run develop in each of those that has a

Hopefully this will bring a bit more sanity to development.