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  • Fixing the Database

First off I have to say that I love this place and you have done a great deal for me that I eventually hope to repay. Your SQL pokedex has opened my doors to alot of projects. One of these is my competitive Pokemon Website. Ofcoarse i know it's a rough draft and isnt gunna be perfect so I figured any errors or mistakes could be posted here.

That being said I have been updating my old database with the new XY one and noticed in Carbink's movepool it's learning guard-swap (move id 385) instead of guard-split (move id 470) at level 27. Carbink doesn't seem to learn guard-swap at all. I updated it in my database and thought i'd share the find. Keep up the good work! <3


Okay, thanks. I fixed it in Showdown's data, so we'll get it next time we sync moves.


Can I add something? The healing moves are missing two of them, (Draining Kiss, and Oblivion Wing) and wondered if you are fixing it?


It looks like the healing flag doesn't count draining moves. Draining Kiss actually is flagged as healing, but it shouldn't be. I guess. It's pretty arbitrary. Every gen has its own set of flags we find in the games' guts and blindly stick in the database even if we don't really understand them.


(And since we don't have access to X/Y's guts, we're just sort of extending B/W's flags? I guess? We really need to find a better system.)