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  • Damage Calculator?

First of all, I'd like to thank the people who work on this site for all their hard work. I've used this site since 2007 and still use it for all my pokemon needs to this day. I even share Veekun with friends and brag off how wonderfully organized this place is. Regardless if you make this a project or not, I will continue to use this site religiously. Thank you for everything!

That said, I was curious if you had any plans for a Damage Calculator in your gadgets section. Veekun for the most part is a one-stop source for everything I need and I'd like to see it continue to grow into the ultimate resource. I personally feel having a damage calculator would be a perfect addition to your tools! Especially since you have a knack for detail unlike other sites which will only give you the most popular tools to play with. Can we expect to see this sometime in the future?