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  • New search functionality

Type Resistance A checkbox list of types resisted by a pokemon, with the ability to pick Resists 1/2, resists 1/4, immune. This should include abilities that also affect these resistances, such as dry skin or flash fire.

Include "Can know" option instead of just "learns" I like to do searches for pokemon learnign a specific move and then sorting them by stats. I did a search earlier of any pokemon that learn Nasty Plot and sorted by SpA. I confused when I saw that Misdreavus was listed in the results, but Mismagius wasn't, even though it's completely possible for a Mismagius to have that move. Just evolve Mismagius having it). Adding this option would make a lot of sense for people trying to build teams.


Yeahhhhhh there's basically no use for "learns" not to include previous evos' moves and stuff. We've been meaning to make it work like that for ages except that it's hard.