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  • why not make a VeekunDex for Android?

So Veekun is probably the best raw information database I've ever seen in my years searching. It really has EVERYTHING. I really appreciate the little details, like how categories are sortable in the VeekunDex, and LOVE how you can edit the EV's and even the trainer height. ive always tried to scale the trainer height in my head by how pokemon would look next to me.

So onto the topic. the hardest work when building a pokedex is putting the information together, and figuring out how to sort it so it turns out like veekun's. you know who would do a good job of that? Veekun lol. veekun could make a veekun feeling dex i bet! aside from designing the UI, the actual dex information wouldnt even necessarily need a build update (market update) for the dex to update itself. a push notification (or manual check) for any updates anywhere, and if there are any, update without the need of updating through the market. (future proofing). having the option to update to match the dex would allow always up-to-date information at the user's request. example of when this would be preferred; if an update releases a new move on a pokemon, other dex apps would require that information to be spotted, updated in the build, recompiled, and a new build version pushed to the market, where the user would update the whole app just add 'Growth' to 'Eevee' because it learned it in an NYC Event. Veekun would be freed from rebuilding the app and updating it every other day (exaggerating).

I could write a book on all the benefits Veekun would have over competitors, but honestly it comes to this; pokedex's dont last too long in the market, a few months, maybe a year. when they get pulled, the devs feel crushed and abandon the project. every new app starts from scratch, and most of their time just goes into information gathering before theyre completely burnt out. it would also bring lots of exposure to Veekun, and if a year down the road from now the app does get yanked, the traffic will get redirected to dling it from

anyways, these are my thoughts. Veekun is by far the best pokedex around! i cant believe i didnt know about this holy grail of information sooner! keep it up!


I made a Pokedex based on Veekun's database. It doesn't display all the info, but it's pretty detailed. Also ORAS and animated gifts.


This begs the question of why the site in general hasn't implemented ORAS yet.


I think veekun stopped updating because now he has to do it by hand, whereas before he could rip information straight from the game disks

I personally updated my copy of the database using info from serebeii, but I'm not sure why veekun couldn't do the same


Yeah, neither am I. iirc he said something on IRC about having all the data ready, but not having implemented it yet.