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  • Ultradex, the Ultimate Pokedex on Android

Hey Veekun fans.

I recently published a pokedex app on Android that is based on Veekun's database. It has tons of information, animated sprites, sorting and filters. I also updated Pokemon and move sets to OR/AS.

Any veekun fan with an Android device should check it out.


Seems pretty solid; gotta admit that I like it. I did notice a few problems, though: 1: ADS, ADS, ADS. To be honest, I fail to see their point in this kind of app, but I digress... 2: Minor nitpick, but "Whitney" is typo'd on the load screens. 3: Less minor nitpick, but the GUI seems a bit off in some cases. The Klink icon for Settings is way too large, for one; also, on narrower devices the type text wraps rather horrendously.