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Hey, Eevee. I know you're a bit busier than normal, what with Black & White updates and the higher-than-normal server load, but I have an issue with the site. I love the GTS you've written, and think it is a very useful tool. However, I cannot seem to get it to work for my SoulSilver version.

I managed to search Google's cache of the old shoutbox, 'cuz I remembered someone else having problems with the GTS a while back. Someone by the name of "Lukez" said they got an error when trying to connect. His issue eventually turned out to be that he hadn't ever connected to the GTS before trying to connect to your server. After connecting to Nintendo's servers normally, he tried again, and got your server to work. I remember you explaining this was because your server can't give a game card that has never connected to the GTS before a GTS ID.

After reading all this, I made sure I had connected to the proper GTS at least once, and even deposited a Pokemon on the GTS, then got it back. Then I proceeded to try connecting to your GTS server, and for some reason, when connecting, I get green bars and good connection strength, but the DS just continues to try connecting for a minute or two, and then it says "You were disconnected from the GTS. Returning you to the lobby." and sends me back to the lobby.

I'm thinking that, considering the heavy server load you're experiencing lately, which had already started before I began making my attempts to connect, my problem could be a timeout. Do you think that is possible, or is my problem likely something else, and if so, can you help me fix it?

Oh, and don't worry about replying to this post quickly. After all, I know you're very busy. Just fire off a reply whenever you get a chance.


Oh, it's almost certainly load. The DS has a fairly short timeout, and that's what you get if you hit it. Maybe try again in a couple days. :/


Thanks for the help. Hope your server makes it through Black and White mania OK. I'll wait until it looks like things have calmed down, then I'll try again. Who knows when that will be, though? Anyway, keep up the good work. :)


Speaking of this I lost my internet setting's would it be possible to get the DNS information from you? Thanks in advance!