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This isn't directed at the veekun pokedex in particular, but I figure you guys'll know something about it. I mean, while there's no complete collection of BW animations yet (as far as I know), they're still out there and I've yet to see similar gifs of 4th gen.

Does this have to do with ripping of the sprites, or anything? I remember talk about how ripping DP was hell. Would've thought that BW would be more difficult, but if all the moving parts can be ported to gif, then I suppose my theories are off. And how large is the difference between the way Emerald sprites were animated, and 4th gen's?

Just asking out of curiosity, so no need to say "yes/no we're (not) doing them (ever)". If the explanation ends up being too difficult to simplify, you don't need to bother with that either. As always, love veekun, etc., am watching it in its sleep.


All the fourth/fifth-gen animations out there were assembled by taking a ton of screenshots and putting them together. Nobody's actually ripped any, as far as I know. (magical pointed me to a half-finished Emerald animation ripper, though.)

I have, like, some wibbly idea of how fourth-gen animations partly work from poking around a little. I don't know if this will lead anywhere.


I've got every single Pokemon's Generation 5 animated gifs, if anybody's interested...


Yes, I am. See my user name? It @ gmail dot com.


Oh cripes I forgot all about this thread, now I feel terrible for not responding earlier. Mega thanks for explaining, Zhorken!! Sheesh, every animation was captured that way? haha of course there must be programs in place that make it easier, what am I saying.

Tailz have you been just saving all the animations you could find? Awfully dedicated of you. And awesome.


Actually, it's sorta hard to say after you made me feel awesome, but I just found an album on Photobucket where some guy had somehow sprited every Pokemon's animation. Course, I had quite the collection on my computer, but that's irrelevant now, isn't it.


Eevee-san, do you want those images? I don't know if you have the same opinion Bulbapedia does on GIFs, but they're still here if you want them.