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  • Old move flags vanished?

What happened to the "Affected by King's Rock", "Affected by Magic Coat", "Affected by Accuracy" flags?

Now I see a bunch of new flag moves, but I can't found none of the mentioned ones. They just disappeared or have no effect on 5th generation?


From what I gathered on Smogon, Gen V has a completely different set of move flags from Gen IV. I guess in the generation shift the new flags were instated.


The Magic Coat flag is now generally "reflectable", because of magic mirror.


Also broken/wrong links at the bottom of that page. Eg:

Someone should make a token for this, I think. Someone who knows how to :D




Haha, nobody can really be bothered fixing those when in just a few weeks, Smogon will probably have Gen V pages up to link to.