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  • Veekun Comparison Highlighter Userscript

Hi, everyone. I've made a userscript for Veekun that changes the checkmark & move name to a user-specified color on's pokemon family comparison pages. Basically, the script was made for easy visual identification of pre-evolution-only moves. Here's the logic for how items are highlighted:

  • Baby poke has a LEVEL-UP move unlearned by any evolutions
    • Make sure move is not a TM or tutor move
  • Any other mid-evolution has a move unlearnable by a final evo (Caterpie, Weedle families)
    • Make sure move is not a TM or tutor move
  • Any pre-evo has a TUTOR move unlearned by any evo (Murkrow in HG/SS)

Here's a screenshot of the script in action.

If you are using Firefox, you'll need Greasemonkey. If you are using Chrome, you'll need Tampermonkey.

Tell me what you think! Here's the link to the userscript.