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  • STAB on non-damaging moves?

Wasn't sure if this was the proper place to put this, but anyways:

Why is STAB listed for non-damaging moves such as Screech? Pokemon like Honchkrow don't get STAB on Screech, it doesn't do any damage >_<

This brings up another point, why isn't there a flag for "does damage"? seems like it would be pretty simple to add.

Anyways thanks for putting up with my nitpicking.


It shouldn't be. I'm pretty sure there's already a bug filed for that.

Anything physical or special does direct damage. There are a few non-damaging things that can take HP away without directly doing damage (Spikes, Pain Split) but I think most cases would be covered by looking for physical-or-special.


cool, thanks!


Searching by power is iffy and might break if we decide to use different database values for special powers. Looking for things assigned a damage class vs things classed as non-damaging makes way more sense!


Yes, but the move Me First apparently deals direct damage, even though it is neither physical nor special. Or am I wrong?