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  • The flipping...

Oh god the flipping. I love this site and have used it for years, but the flipping is making me crazy.

Don't get me wrong. From a code and visuals standpoint, it's awesome. But not when I'm trying to really 'research' things.

Is there a way to disable/enable it? I want it gone some of the time, not all the time. :]


The fact that this happened very close to April 1st... Coincidence? I really really hope not.


"very close to"

It's 1 April in most time zones...


Righteo, The fact it is April 1st in most time zones? Coincidence? Not one bit =3

I noticed the normal CSS file is now named css-af. If only we could figure out what AF stood for! (Apple Fritter is my bet) =P


Doing something stupid to the site is, clearly, our April Fool's tradition.

Something stupid that only takes five minutes, preferably.


You know, the only problem I have is it keeps making me scroll to the top of the page.


That will be fixed in version 2. Next year.




I feel nauseous. x.x I love that you can do that with pure CSS though.


LOL, Bulbapedia thinks the Tumblr is also part of the April Fool’s Joke...


Hah oh wow Laprasboi, I just found out what you meant. IT MAKES ME SO ANGRY NOT BEING ABLE TO FIX THEIR MISTAKE. wait I don't have an account so even if the site wasn't locked I wouldn't be able to fix it anyway.


Do not worry! I will fix it as soon as I it is unlocked! Umm, if I still remember. It might be a nice homage to the homage to Bulbapedia's overactive pattern finding. I am not sure they would want to link to something so meta otherwise.


Um, ’Vee, I just saw your edit to the Bulbapedia page, but that is not how it worked for me...