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  • Opera support

The pages are lacking some features that opera is fully capable of supporting.

I looked through the CSS and found that it is lacking specifically border-radius (do not use -o- prefix) and column-count (opera 11.10 only, so I don't blame you for not having support here)


I need to rewrite the CSS to use SASS. At that point I'll have macros and won't have to worry about vendor prefixes.

(Why does Opera still use -o- for border-radius? The border spec is candidate recommendation now, iirc.)


(I said it doesn't use the -o- prefix.)


Sorry, I thought you meant I wasn't using the -o- prefix. I'm a little appalled that I'm not serving the prefix-less names yet, even. Ugh.

It's high on my todo list, don't worry. (So are about 30 other things, but y'know.)


So... is there anything I might be able to help with to get this moved up on the to-do list? (I'll try to find time around school, ugh.)