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  • Generation 5 Body Types

I just dug this out of my game manually (searched the dex by body type, copied down what comes up), and since you classify that, thought you might like to know. I'd put it on Bulbapedia, but it's currently locked...

Anyway, here it is, hope you find it useful:

Ball/Pomaceous: Whirlipede Cottonee Solosis Duosion Ferroseed Cryogonal Shelmet

Ball+Arms/Brachial: Swadloon Yamask Reuniclus Escavalier Foongus Amoongus Lampent Chandelure Accelgor Tornadus Thundurus Landorus

Ball+Legs/Crural: Roggenrola

Many Legs/Tentacles/Cilial: Boldore Gigalith Frillish Jellicent Ferrothorn

Multiwings/Lepidopterous: Volcarona

Snake/Squiggle/Caudal: Serperior

Head+Body/Blob/Alvine: Petilil Lilligant Maractus Cofagrigus Vanillite Vanillish Litwick

Quadruped/Mensal: Tepig Samurott Patrat Lillipup Herdier Stoutland Purrloin Liepard Munna Blitzle Zebstrika Sandile Krokorok Darmanitan Tirtouga Zorua Minccino Cinccino Deerling Sawsbuck Emolga Deino Zweilous Cobalion Terrakion Virizion Keldeo

Multibody/Polycephalic: Vanilluxe Klink Klang Klinklang

Crawling/Chitinous: Sewaddle Venipede Scolipede Dwebble Crustle Joltik Galvantula Durant Larvesta

Fish/Icthyic: Tympole Basculin Alomomola Tynamo Eelektrik Eelektross Stunfisk

Upright Tailed/Sciurine: Snivy Servine Pignite Emboar Oshawott Dewott Watchog Pansage Simisage Pansear Simisear Panpour Simipour Drillbur Audino Palpitoad Krookodile Scraggy Scrafty Carracosta Zoroark Elgyem Axew Fraxure Haxorus Cubchoo Mienfoo Mienshao Druddigon Heatmor Hydreigon Zekrom Kyurem

Winged/Alar: Pidove Tranquill Unfeazant Woobat Swoobat Sigilyph Archen Archeops Ducklett Swanna Rufflet Braviary Vullaby Mandibuzz Reshiram

Humanoid/Anthropomorphic: Victini Musharna Excadrill Timburr Gurdurr Conkeldurr Seismitoad Throh Sawk Leavanny Whimsicott Darumaka Trubbish Garbodor Gothita Gothorita Gothitelle Karrablast Beheeyem Golett Golurk Pawniard Bisharp Meloetta Genesect

~The Golux


Holy crap I've been wanting these. I still don't know where they are in the games. Thanks!


You press start or the button in the bottom-left corner of the pokedex screen to bring up the search function, which still has the body shape as a search parameter.

~The Golux


Haha, I meant I don't know where in the game data they are.

Added them to the repo; they oughta appear in a few days, I hope.