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  • Techno Blast

Techno Blast is erroneously stated to change based on the type of Plate Genesect is holding; it is in actuality based on the type of held Drive (such as Aqua Drive). As such; it is not a variation of Judgment.


If I'm allowed to speak on behalf of the dev team, it looks like someone's already submitted this bug to the tracker! Unless that was you, in which case no need to keep up any reminders, they'll get around to it eventually. :P Database updates generally come in large but irregular chunks.


Yeah, there are a few problems like this. Thunder Wave checks type while Glare and Stun Spore don't; Electro Web does damage while String Shot doesn't.


I'd think the actual implementation is: "has a type matching the special flavor of legendary item the user is holding".

Which raises the question: what happens if Arceus uses Techno Blast while holding a Plate, and vice versa?


Arceus's plate doesn't affect Techno Blast, but if Arceus is holding a drive, Techno Blast changes type.