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  • Post formatting tests

Figure we should probably get a basic reference down, since we keep using the wrong code lmao.

As far as I'm aware, Spline does not support BBCode (square brackets)!

Single line breaks are eaten up, so beware.

Pointy brackets: Bold. Italics. Underline. A href. Strike? (

  • Unordered list.
  • If you're not sure (shhh some kids might not know html maybe??), that's a 'ul' tag, then 'li'.
  1. Ordered list.
  2. 'Ol', then 'li'.
  3. I haven't even tried the list tags before, this might look terrible, eek.

Asterisks: One on each side. Two. Three. I don't know a thing about this style, I just saw it accidentally get used in one thread.

And just in case, a plaintext link:

Feel free to use this thread for your own tests. Eevee/Zhorken/anyone else, what did I miss out?


veekun's forums use Markdown. It does indeed support some inline HTML, though I was under the impression the forums didn't allow any, pending a whitelist. Apparently I was wrong!

But yeah, the basics are: *italics* **bold** ***both*** [link]( \* ← literal asterisk


Hahaa, oh, that makes far more sense. Thanks so much! (In lieu of this, I suppose markdown syntax is preferred over HTML, being that it's the intended format and HTML support might be removed anyway.)