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  • Location Name Duplicates

The following location names represent more than one location, with a disambiguation page to ask which one the user was searching for, even though all instances link to only one version of that location:

Altering Cave (529 (Kanto) and 490 (Hoenn)) Hall of Origin (188 and 189 (both Sinnoh)) Mystery Zone (264 (No region, presumably the one present in Gen IV) and 344 (Unova)) Routes 1-18 (Kanto and Unova) Safari Zone (162 (Kanto) and 483 (Hoenn)) Victory Road (13 (Sinnoh), 152 (Kanto, presumably Gen IV), 159 (Kanto, presumably Gen II), 382 (Unova), 444 (Hoenn), 499 (Kanto, presumably Gen III), and 530 (Kanto, presumably Gen I))

I suggest the links of these locations be extended to include the region and the instance number, for example:

And each of these will by default link to the disambiguation pages, which will have proper links. And each page will have links to the other locations of the same name (for example in the Hoenn Victory Road you'd see: "Also appears in: Sinnoh | Kanto | Kanto | Unova | Kanto | Kanto").