The ability to change without costing a turn makes sense, as Pokemon have too few moves, and the fights change too quick for spending a turn to be viable. Ditto was already change on trade in, and changing Meloetta takes so long as to be useless. Maybe some other held item forms will be retconned into being Mega all along, so that I can change from tank Giratina to killer Giratina in the middle of a fight.

Some of them look cool. I like Mega Absol and MegaMewTwo. Everybody has been waiting forever for Mega Kangaskhan.


No one has told me yet how it occurs other than having item __ being held. Does it happen at the start of a fight or do you choose it manually. And does said item get consumed?

another thing one of my friend mentioned was do we really think this willbe enough to get people to stop using the same ol' leftovers/choice_ setups?


If you have the correct item held there will be a button at the bottom of the fight screen, you select that, then select your move and your pokemon will transform and then attack.

I think it will definitely shake up the meta game some as the increased stats+new abilities/types will be pretty big. For example Mega Venusaur will have higher defences and the Thick fat ability so will only table double damage from flying making him a pretty sweet wall.

That said since you are limited to one mega per battle there will still be some leftovers/choice items around.


Flying and Psychic; the Grass/Poison combo is also weak to Psychic. Unless that was changed and I missed it. Still, that's cool that Venusaur's become such a boss.

Do you think they'll do Megavolutions for all the starters? They've done all the GenI but so far only Blaziken elsewhere. I want to see a MegaSerperior!


We're not likely to see Venusaur giving up Chlorophyll any time soon.

Out of all the Megas, Absol and Garchomp seem like the most promising. Absol's always been held back by relative slowness and frailty -- I wonder to what extent Mega Absol's Speed is raised? If it's significant enough, Absol could see niche use as a hazard bouncer and relative utility attacker! Stuff like Ampharos gaining and losing resistances and weaknesses at the drop of a hat will be interesting, too!

Garchomp's just going to see his Mega Stone banned, more likely than not. Blaziken's already banned so his stone can only help him fit in more!


I hope Mawile gets a significant boost from Mega Evolution; it would be a great Pokemon if not for the dismal stats, but if MegaMawile has stats in at least the 450 total...

You sure MegaGarchomp would be banned? He gets a speed drop.


It's hard to tell with the new Fairy typing and unknown stats of the new heavy hitters. Garchomp was the perfect, freakish combination of speed, power, STAB and trollish ability.

Depending on the speed drop there are several dragons that'll be faster then him. It'll depend most on how well Sandstorm fares this generation.


Well, Sandstream has been nerfed, along with Drizzle, Drought, and Snow Warning. I don't know what to believe in anymore!

Oh crap there is so much stuff, I wonder who all plans to rip it.