Hopefully there aren't too many tumbleweeds laying around clogging the internet tubes, But was wondering if this would be a good place to share ye old friend codes. Just cause you know, this game has a bunch of sweet features for that.

I'll start off with mine of course 2595-0446-9715.

Also I'm looking for alternate ability lucario (justified), since cobalion isn't in yet.


For those of interest: My Friend safari is Sneasel, Deliberd, and Laprass


I'm 0001-3876-4094, and my Friend Safari is Combee, Masquerain, Pinsir! And my native Vivillon is Polar. I can't get any hidden ability Riolu/Lucario but I'm always interested in Friend Safaris/Vivillons.


3625-9077-8135 Miles07 Unsure of Safari Type / Pokémon. Please let me know.


Done and Done. Miles, your safari is ghost type with phantump, chandelure and ???? to be revealed when you beat the game AND are online at same time with us.

Don't need alt lucario anymore, I pulled lucky on gts (don't think anyone cares but I thought I'd throw that out there).

I'm handing out baby Zorua's if anyone wants one.


Friend Code: 4613-7579-3864

I don't know my Vivillion color or Safari pokemon. If someone could tell me, that'd be great.


FC 1134-7435-3084 Safari Type is Rock, don't know what kind of Pokemons though.


J. gots electric type with stunfisk (I'm so sorry), Emolga, and TBA. Ixvael has a dwebble, magcargo and TBA.

I should've called this the official friend code whoring thread.


4210-4180-7220; I get Protean Kecleon and Imposter Ditto! :D


Qvalador, You are now my friend. SO HARD. Safari ditto's are like the best thing ever.


my friend code is: 4957-3544-2854, and i don't exactly know what zone is in the friend safari


Hey! I'll add everyone here :) My FC is 4725-8178-4962 and I have a Dark Safari with Inkay, Pawniard and Cacturne.


MY FC Is 3797-7050-7663 I'll add anyone cx


Ok, I lost the other account... But I added everyone :)


Tell me if you add me, and I'll add you back. Putting you in right now, Abkanis and Horus.


I added you, Qvalador. I also added everyone else xD


My friend code is 3325-1988-3841, and I've added everybody. I also don't know where the friend safari is


I added everyone so far c:


1091-8118-2768. Will add everybody here - add back if you like! Forgot what my FS Pokemon are but I do have an electric FS.


I will add everybody here. My code is: 1435-3530-9480 My Friend Safari should have oddish, swadloon, and maractus. Thanks!


This turned out better than expected. I'll add you lot next time I'm off work

:( Stupid Work


alright, my friend code is 5284-1928-7126, im a fire type friend safari with pansear, pyroar, and ninetails, I don't know the exact name but my vivilian color is the pink one.


Hi all! My friend code is 2535-4063-9610. I've added everyone so far; add me back if you'd like. I've got a Poison-type safari with Seviper and two others that I'm not sure of. It'd be awesome if you let me know what they are. I'm also interested in trading Vivillions – my native form is Modern, and I've got some spare Elegant. Thanks!


thortaniel, your second safari pokemon is ariados, I won't know your third until we are online at the same time.


Thortaniel, your third safari pokemon is whirlipede


Hey, I've just added everyone. I'm not sure what my safari pokemon are, but if someone could let me know, that would be great.


Wow, I managed to exclude my code from that post: it's 3196-4572-0046 and should show up as Nick.


Nick, you've got a psychic safari with sigilyph and grumpig. Not sure yet what your third pokémon is though.


My friend code is 2509 2588 9695 I know my friend safari is Flying, with Pidgey, Tranquil and not sure of my third.


Also, added everyone on here so far.


Suikoboj, your third is Hawlucha


Hey guys, my friend code is 3265-5071-0960 and my friend safari has Krabby, Floatzel and Frogadier.


added you Airyuu


I've added everybody here, but not everybody has added me back


same lol granted some of these posts are fairly old


Yeah, I've been consistently adding people who posted, but only have 5 who added me back. Sad times. But, really, my problem is that I'm based out of Japan and can't seem to be online at the same time as you all, thus can't get your third pokemon. Sad times, again! haha!


I just got a 2DS my friend code for that is 4270-2167-2334, I still have & use my 3DS XL (friend code posted earlier) so please add my second so that you can have more (and I can have you all when i'm on my 2DS)


i"ve added everybody on my 2DS, on that I've got a Bug safari with Illumise, and Ledyba, on my 3DS XL I have a Flying type with Tranquill and Pigedey haven't beaten both X and Y so don't know what the third ones are


your third in your safari I do believe is Fletcinder, since you beat one of them.


hi my friend safari is 4511-1099-2743