That is the only way that I can describe it. Basically I came across this chart using Base Stats and Max Stats to rate how good a pokemon is in a certain category.

Here is the chart (attempting to line everything up properly): Table 6: Base Stat Rule of Thumb Base Stat Max Stats (Add 50 for Health) (Add 105 for Health) Description < 45 < 188 Horrid 45-60 188 - 218 Shoddy 61-75 220 - 248 Okay 76-95 250 - 288 Good

95 > 288 Excellent!

Now what I would like to do is use a formula based on the pokémon's level that would give an idea how good or bad the stat is based on the above ratings. Then use the formula in a spreadsheet so the user can enter the current stats of their pokémon and see how good/bad they are.

The Base Stat is supposed to be the stats when the pokémon is at level 50 and Max Stats is very likely at level 100, if I am not mistaken. There is a complication that the stats you see when you look at a specific pokémon's stats is not just Base Stats but IVs and EVs as well. Would this throw the chart off, or should the IVs and EVs be included to give an accurate assessment of the pokémon's condition?

In any case, is it possible to develop a formula to see how good a pokémon's stats are just by using the current numbers at any level. I am thinking there should be without having to go through the trouble of reducing its stats with berries. I want to make this easy for anyone to use.


Nuts. The table didn't line up well at all. Starting with "Base Stat", "Max Stat" and "Description", there are supposed to be three columns. "(add 50 for Health)" and "(Add 105 for Health)" are supposed to go under "Base Stat" and "Max Stat" respectively. There also was supposed to be a ">" in front of the 95 on the last line.