Does anyone know of a way to tell (other than just guessing) if a Pumpkaboo is large size before I catch it? Otherwise I'll have to catch every one I come across and compare their size in the boxes, which is going to be a pain in the butt. Even in the boxes, I'll have to line them all up and compare them, which is annoying.

Would it possibly be faster to breed them? Can you even get large-size Pumpkaboo from eggs?


Some Miiverse users have helped me with this question. Here's what they've told me, in case anyone else viewing these forums was wondering about this:

The large size Pumpkaboo supposedly has a 100% chance to be holding a Miracle Seed (Eevee & Zhorken, can you confirm?). Thus, putting a Pokémon with the Frisk ability in the lead slot in your party and watching for it to find a Miracle Seed on a Pumpkaboo seems to be the solution.

Also interesting to note (especially if you don't have any Pokémon with Frisk): The largest-size Pumpkaboo has a noticeably different cry, and (again can anyone confirm this) the large size has higher attack but lower speed, while the small size is the opposite. Not sure how this helps me, but the Miracle Seed thing should be enough (if true).

Again, I cannot personally attest to any of this, but I will try the Frisk thing soon and let everyone know how it goes. Hopefully someone will find this info as useful as I did.


On the plus side, if you catch a lot of Pumpkaboo, you can Wonder Trade all the ones you don't want and get something good. So even if you get annoyed trying to find a specific size, you still get something out of it.


Also, according to Bulbapedia, Miracle Seeds are indeed only found on Super Size Pumpkaboo 100% of the time. So you can do that.


Thanks for the confirmation on that. I've been busy the last couple of hours and haven't been able to try it yet. I'm glad to know that it'll work. Yeah, and I already have plans to release some of the Pumpkaboo I've already caught on Wonder Trade. Perhaps with some gifts attached.


I spent a while last night on Route 16, and I can personally confirm that super size Pumpkaboo do indeed hold a Miracle Seed. Though, from what I recall some of the other forms may have a 5% chance of holding them, too. So I suppose there's a slim chance of false positives using Frisk.

But once I actually SAW a super size Pumpkaboo for the first time, I realized that it's not too likely that someone will mistake it for a different size, especially when using Frisk. So, if anyone else goes looking for super size Pumpkaboo, hopefully this helps them. I want to give a big "Thank you" to everyone who helped me with this!


Yep, this is all true. All this info is actually on veekun. :P (I guess cries aren't yet, but they will be with the next update.)


Also, regarding breeding: as far as I can tell, baby Pumpkaboo inherit their size from the mother (or the non-Ditto) when breeding, so you can't get a Super Pumpkaboo from an egg unless you've already got one to breed.


Er, wait, Large Pumpkaboo doesn't come with an item. Only Super Pumpkaboo.