Okay. So I didn't check Bulbanews (or Veekun's front page) for one lousy week and ended up missing the Pokéball Vivillon distribution that I've been waiting for them to announce for months.

So, does anyone have one they'd be willing to trade me (preferably an English one)? It doesn't even have to be for keeps. I have access to a second 3DS and game card, so I could duplicate it and give it back.

If anyone can help, please let me know. This is the first North American distribution I've missed since getting back into Pokémon with Pokémon Platinum. I really don't want my streak to be broken.

Thanks in advance.


Also, I have plenty to offer in exchange. All the legendaries, as well as Shiny Misdreavus, Staravia, and Stunfisk. I'll even offer my Xerneas or maybe a Mega Stone. Just make me an offer.


I'd gladly trade mine away for a copy of your shiny misdreavus. When are you online?


I'll get online in a few minutes. My trainer name should appear as Leo. I'm wearing all green.


I've changed my profile message to "Ailuros" so you can confirm it's me.


Hey, Spriteless. Some random passerby just traded me a Pokéball Vivillon, but wanted a Kyogre, so I'm pretty sure it wasn't you. However, Because you answered my post, I'll still give you a Shiny Misdreavus. You just don't have to give me a Pokéball Vivillon anymore.

I'll take anything, even a Bidoof. But, if you have another variety of Vivillon you could spare, that would be cool. Maybe even an Aurora one?


Hey, Spriteless. If you still want to trade I'll be on in the morning around 9 AM CDT or so. If that's not good (because of work or something) send me a reply to let me know. If you'd rather not trade, thanks for at least replying to my post.


Wow. Sorry about missing that.


That's okay. Like I said, if you still want the Shiny Misdreavus, I'd love to trade it to you for at least offering to help me out. Just give me any old 'mon. Another Vivillon besides Fancy, Pokéball, Modern, or High Plains will do.

I'm getting ready for work right now, but I'll be back home at about 6 pm. So, that's about five hours from whenever this post's timecode is, because it's almost 1 pm here. Anytime after then will work for me.


Does anyone have more pokeball vivillon? My girlfriend and I missed it as well. I would give an arm and a leg for it!