What Pokemon are you?

vee is a water bull.


I'M... SO CONFUSED WHAT IS THIS EVEN ABOUT ALL I CAN GET FROM THIS IS THAT I'M SORT OF WEREWOLF SHEEP? it's funny because I'm from new zealand and they have sheep there this is my other username, I don't know how to respond


A 4 foot howling sleeping sheep, and a 2 foot indian ellephant collecting bad ass!

I love children, but I could never eat a whole one.


Rob - Ground

Chick Pokemon

No.553 Rob

Chick Pokemon


HT 1'08" WT 24.0 lbs.

It was sealed into the computer world after releasing a strong light. It rarely shows itself in public. Good fortune comes to those who see Rob.

Fits me to a T.


Wait wat? I was born from moonlit bones? I dont get it....

Whatever Imma dragon =3


That was entertaining to no end.

Apparently, you can get different entries if you space out or capitalize any letter differently, even if it's the same word(s), interesting.


Guess it didn't. Feel free to click that link, then :p