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We had a ton of snow recently, and a couple days ago, it got sort of warm so the snow was good for packing. And I didn't know what to do with it but the opportunity to make something out of snow was presenting itself [i]right then[/i] so I went out to assemble snow anyway and figured I'd figure out what to make it as I went.

SO ANYWAY over many hours it turned into a Latias.

This photo is from just after I finished, but it's not a very good picture (help help I am bad at camera) and the flash makes it looks lumpier than it looked in person. This one is a somewhat better shot, but she'd started to melt and get lumpy for real by the time I got to take it. (Thanks to surskitty for playing with that photo and making it look more or less right—much less grey and grainy.)

Photo quality aside, though, this was really fuckin' fun and I'm amazed it turned out as well as it did for my first attempt at doing this sort of thing. (Three-snowball-stack snowpeople don't count.) The head kept trying to fall off; I think next time I make something with a long neck or anything, I'll get some wooden dowels and give it bits of skeleton. Would've been nice to hold the hands on that way, too, instead of using twigs.

Oh also this thing's pretty much a life-sized Latias; I'm 175 cm-ish and it's up to my shoulders.


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hey it seems like the image was removed from their servers, anybody saved a copy?