A thread I decided to create because a mixture of boredom/depression because of a recent loss by my college's American Football team. (I'm from the US, so we play a sport 90% of the world doesn't play professionally.)

First Random Topic:

What was the longest time you spent, in one sitting, looking for a specific Pokemon? Specify the Pokemon, location, game, and the reason for looking for it.

My longest was spending 6 hours during a cross-country drive looking for a Marill that had the Huge Power ability. Since I was playing Heart Gold, I had to look on the first floor of Mt. Mortar (Not during a Swarm). I was looking for it because my sister wanted it in exchange for a Seadra w/Dragon Scale she had. Sad part is I had to find and catch 3 Marills to finally get one with Huge Power. I promised myself I would never leave home without my Action Replay ever again.

Feel free to change the topic!


I spent a total of 15 hours hatching Charmander eggs looking for one with an ability that promoted special attack with a highly curious personality.


In one sitting? 4 Hours hatching sneasels with High Attack EV's and adamant. It lived a long happy life until a magnet struck my cartridge and wiped my data.

All time was 6 months for a scyther. 5.9 of those months was me being depressed and procrastinating hatching the damn things. it got transferred to soulsilver before the magnet happened however.


F-ing Aipom. I must have given my Meganium a concussion Headbutting trees. Spent 1 year and about 4 months looking for one (all toll), but when I found it, it was shiny. HELL YEAH!


Well, my longest was spending a year and a half in total time trying to get my hands on an adamant SHINY Piplup. Still not done yet.