Let's see if we can generate some more activity on the boards. Let's all sound off with which Black & White starter we're going to choose and, if you feel like it, why. I'll start.

I'm going to choose Oshawatt, mostly because I think it and it's evolutions look the coolest, and because I think it has attacks that fit my battle style. I'd like to see what everyone else thinks, though.


Gah! I misspelled Oshawott!


I won't let my cute little Oshawatt evolve, he is a little teddy bear!


I'm tempted between Oshawott and Snivy. Oshawoot because its final evolution looks devastating; and Snivy because no one ever shows the grass types any love.

All of that goes out the window once I find a "Giaru" or w/e its called, just so I can start making crappy Metal Gear-Rex jokes.


I must have Oshawott. Personally, I hate the final evolution of the poor dear, so I'd probably just keep it as a Dewott. I would have prefered if they made it more like the Piplup line, with bipedal evolutions.

I liked Snivy better when he was Smugleaf.

I don't think anyone will pick Tepig because he's a pig. I don't want him smelling up my party or setting things on fire when he poots.

Giaru's English name is Klink, if I'm not mistaken. It goes Klink -> Klank -> Klinklank.


So far we've seen a lot of love for Oshawott, and very little for Tepig. I didn't expect it to be so clear-cut in one direction. Anybody else think the general idea of Cofragigus is just plain weird?


I've personally been trying to not look at all the new creatures (Ive seen the starters, the legends, and metal gear), So I personally have no idea what you're talking about. Sounds like a Tree or something related to the regi-rock/steel/ice line though.

Slightly Off topic: Hooray for almost-not-dead forums!


Yes. The weird coffin monster thing disturbs me. It's pre-evolution is sorta cute, though.


smugleaf ftw