I'll pretend like I am a valued member of these forums, and come out and make a suggestion. We all know that the new pokemon games are coming out soon, and we'll be too engrossed in them to do anything productive with our lives for a while.

But I was thinking perhaps we should get some 4th gen fighting in before we migrate to the new ones. A kind of "one last hoo-rah" dealio before we start throwing flaming pigs and 1-bit coloured dragons each other.

If not, then that's cool. I'm just trying to liven up these dead-forums, before the inevitable wave of new traffic shows up.


My friend code for Pokemon Pearl: 2965 5759 4575



Also, what time would you like to fight? 'Tis like a dealio if we fight.


My Diamond card got smacked up by a magnet sadly, so all I have is H.Silver which is pre-red defeated. and Black version. I have neither of these on me at this moment due to being at college

I was just trying to set up a community events of sorts, but it looks like it fell of deaf ears. I'll get back to you shortly with my FC(s).


please tell me there's an interesting story behind the diamond card getting smacked up by a magnet