Hey, Eevee. Quick question. I've just realized something. My friends and I all chose different B/W starters so we could each breed them at the daycare and have all three starters. But this morning, I realized I had made a monumental oversight.

See, most starters are male, which means you can't breed more of them unless you have a Ditto. The problem is, you can't get Ditto until you get the Nat't Pokedex. So, is there another pokemon that I can use like Ditto? Maybe a fifth generation genderless pokemon that is like Ditto? Please tell me there is, or this game isn't going to be as fun.


Unfortunately, no, there isn't. You could trade for a Ditto?


lol i got all female starters first try its a 7/8 chance of male and 1/8 chance for female


Yeah, another thing that you can do is trade your friend your starter and reset the game, choose another starter, give them that one and repeat for the final time. Then have them give you them all back and do the same for them.


You guys have hit on exactly why they make 7/8ths of the starters male. It seems they are wanted people to get through the game before breeding and trading the starters. =P

Just as a heads up the fossil pokemon are 7/8ths male for the same reason, so if you want to breed and trade those. Save before you turn in your fossil ^_-


Just look at the above, they're pretty useful.


After beating the game, if you have Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Soul Silver, or Heart Gold then you can transfer over a Ditto that way. I plan on getting Black eventually, for that reason. Assuming I don't stay poor so long I just pick up Pepper colored/Checkers/Yin-Yang/Gray instead.


Rawrth . thats exactly what i did lol!