So I'm making an Excel Pokédex, and I plan for it to have all of the constants for each Pokémon. The values that I have so far are as follows, and I'm not sure if this is all of them (or if it's too much). Things in ***s are stuff that I'm not sure about.

• Internal Number (I think anyway) • Names • Types • Stats (HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, Speed) • Abilities (1, 2, and Dream World) • Gender Ratio (put as percentage male/genderless) • Weight and Height in Metric measurements • Egg Groups (1 and 2) • Hatch Counter (It's always a multiple of 5; Sometimes this changes within evolutionary lines; how is this interpreted by the game?) • Breeds to (Which Pokémon a female will produce if bred, may be multiple) • Base Experience Yield (to put into the formula) • Effort Values given upon defeat • Capture Rate • Base Happiness • Growth Rate (all 6) • Evolutionary Position (Baby, Basic, Stage 1, Stage 2) • Evolution Method (level, stone, trade, and others; How are branching evolutions handled by the game?) • Evolves to (listed by number; is this in the game's code at all?) • Classification (such as Seed for Bulbasaur) • Color (Game Classification, and see below) • Body Shape (Game Classification; I don't know the numbers, though) • Flee Flag (only listed on Serebii, and seems to be random) • Held Items (50%, 5%, 1%; it seems that if both 50% and 5% are checked, the Pokémon is always holding that item?) • Cry • Footprint • Flavor Text • Sprite • Evolutionary Line Number (pretty sure this isn't in the game lol; Pichu's line is 10, because Pikachu is earlier) • Place in Evolution (First, Middle, Final, Only; somewhat relevant for Eviolite?)

If anyone has input (or would like to help), that would be great. If you're wondering why I'm doing this when there are plenty of online 'Dexes, it's for printability.


On hatch counters: the game uses the hatch counter for [i]what is in the egg[/i]. If a higher evolutionary stage has a different hatch counter, that's irrelevant. Obviously, hatch counters for non-basic/baby forms are unused unless you hack (it is theoretically possible to put any Pokémon inside an egg).


I moved the hatch counters out of the evolution families table because it does matter for Manaphy and Phione. The other oddities (Toxicroak's counter and, uh, something new in Gen V; I forget) are just there for the sake of matching the games' data.


Or, well, actually, that's just my assumption. Maybe it does matter? Maybe it does take the mother's counter? I'm not sure anyone's tested it, now that I think about it...


Nope, Patrat hatches just as fast regardless of whether its mom was a Patrat or Watchog.

Also, Scolipede, Watchog, and Zoroark all have different hatch counters from their unevolved forms. Huh.


I really need to add some markup previewing.


Yeah, I thought that I had put lines between each of these. And apparently, three asterisks is code for bold.

Thanks so far, guys, about the hatch counter. I should probably upload what I have done to Google Documents or something.