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  • The most neglected move in Pokemon history...

• Inexplicably a normal attack • No one learned it by level up until Gen 3 • Bulbasaur and Totodile could have it bred to them, but lost that ability after Gen 2. • In Gen two it only existed by trading with Gen 1, when TMs were single use. • Even Bulbasaur, one of it's four users in Gen 2, had to ahve it chain bred to him through Totodile.

IMagine if it was 2001 again and you were playing Pokemon Silver aginst someone over your Link Cable (wow) and their Ivysaur used Razor Wind, an animation you've never seen before. You'd probably think they had hacked the game.


Inexplicably normal? Only until you look at the Japanese name:

Yup. If you come across something inexplicable – why Swift has stars, why Hoppip & Spoink learn Splash (which can't be used during Gravity), why Acid Armor's animation always made the user disappear or why Sky Attackers are glowing, why only snakes can learn Glare, what's up with Meteor Mash and Low Sweep, why Stick is a veggie, Thick Club a bone, or Nugget a perfect sphere, etc. etc. etc., the first thing to do is look up the original name.

But, yeah. Razor Wind was pretty obscure in Silver if you haven't played the first generation games.


Though I get why it takes a turn to charge, I still think it makes no sense that the weasel Pokemon, Sneasel and Zangoose, can't learn this move. I suppose it's just there to look interesting. Sort of how Farfetch'd is just there for the cheap laugh it gets from the Japanese phrase it is based on.


Doesn't stop Razor Wind from being one of the worst moves in the game. It's about as good as Synchronoise (though better than that lol).


You guys FAIL: As a yokai-based move, it more likely should be Ghost or Dark, so RABicle is right to call the Normal typing inexplicable. And Fish, Zangoose CAN learn it via breeding - but mongooses are NOT weasels, they only look similar. As for the species name, I wonder what it is in Japanese?