I caught a green Zubat. She was at full health and asleep. I named her Dragon and I will never let her evolve into a pink thing. This stuff makes me happier than any legendary.

What is your sweet catch?


None, really :(

I've met two shinies:

  • A Golbat on a friend's game, which she got stolen later anyway...
  • A Pidgey on a hack of Pokémon Gold (Prism).

    I gues I'm just unlucky, but I never got a real shiny (I could be happy about). Oh well.


Maybe you just are not as obsessive as me. : )


I've only ever seen one shiny, in Lucario Cave, in a double battle.

It was an Onix or something.

Its Graveler buddy used Selfdestruct.



When I first learned about shiny Pokémon, I decided to wander round Tin Tower looking for one. After a couple of hours I got a Rattata, which I nicknamed "Shiny", because it was the best thing my then-10-year-old imagination could come up with.

Also I chained a Psyduck, but that's not as much of an achievement.


@spriteless: I've played through every generation at least twice (except for gen III). I think that is pretty obsessive. :(


I'm partway through my Butterfree run of Fire Red. It is my third run of the game since I wanted all the starters.


Found my first shiny ever, a Golbat, in my Sapphire. The next I happened across in my Emerald: a shiny Wurmple, within the first hour or less of playing the game. That was a pretty exciting find I must say.

I've never actively looked for shinys, I guess they were looking for me :)

Made my brother jealous since he's never run across one himself, and we both have made a vow to never cheat in our games. Though he beats me with finding PokéRus and with his perseverance in catching all the D/P/Pt Legendaries in premiere balls.


First shiny ever for me was a Ratticate in my Gold version back in the day. Despite Ratticate being a bad pokemon, it never left my party.


I ran into and successfully captured a shiny Staravia on my Platinum version. From what I can remember, that is the only variable (non-story) shiny I've ever encountered and caught.

I might have caught a non-story shiny on my old Silver or Crystal versions. However, I can neither prove nor disprove that statement because both versions' memories have since been erased due to battery issues. So, Staravia is the only one I can prove. I never seem to get lucky catching rare pokemon in exotic pokeballs like premier balls or regular pokeballs. Though it might be interesting to try.


Only one shiny ever in life: an Elekid, bred from an Electabuzz traded to me from a friend I haven't seen in over a decade now.

I really want a shiny in Black/White when it releases...


I had a shiny Gyarados in gen III and migrated it to gen IV, sadly it's not as special anymore tho because everyone gets one in HG/SS. I do have a shiny Charizard named Nitelite, he's my pride and joy.


These shiny Raikou probably don't count.


I have the best luck with shinies. In my SoulSilver, I caught a shiny Zubat, a shiny Poliwag, a shiny Nidoran♂, and a shiny Aipom. I have no idea.


in ruby a long time ago i caught a "pink"(shiny) rhyhorn but the the next week the mem got erased and the gam could never save anymore


So I've never actually caught a shiny, but I did catch a Cottonee (now Whimsicott) that I'm very attached to. His name's Fuffernut. :)


Sweet Pokemon, ok ummm...... Shiny Deerling, but the file got deleted. Pikachu with Volt Tackle, Encore, Double Slap and Brick Break without cheating (egg) and a shiny Kangashkahn ( can't spell the name, the one with the baby in the pouch) so Luck level about 100? It took a long time for this stuff, the Pikachu I got by using Waiting For Seedot for the egg moves. I got the shiny Deerling by walking around in dark grass and after 30 double battles there SHE was yes a female Deerling I usually only find a Male. Along with that a shiny unown V and I since no other shiny unown forms can exist.


The first shiny I ever had was a Throh. Which I stupidly traded for a lv.100. The second one was a shiny Porygon Z. I still have it, and did not cheat for it. I just traded it with someone who did cheat.


My starter Charmander was shiny in LeafGreen when I last restarted it. I wanted to play all over again and I was gifted with a beautiful shiny starter. I didn't notice until it evolved though. Although I know that Charmander and Charmeleon are orange I thought nothing of them being a slight yellow-ish color. Then my Charmeleon evolved... Boy, I was shocked.

You can all be sure that I'll never restart this game ever again.

Unless I just move him up to another game...


I have the usual random shiny every other game.. A Poochyena here, a Geodude there...

Except for gen IV, through pokeradar obviously. I did not count those lol, must have been about 100. I chained everything I wanted to use from Snorunt, Shinx, Magby, Aron, Starly, Roselia, Vibrava, Gastly, Bagon, Beldum, etc.. usually about 5 so I could pick the best one. And then even more as they became available through Platinum, like Swinub, Ralts.. People would acuse me of cheating when my team was 80% shiny xDDD ...good times.

Just wish there was a Surf-equivalent.. Sucked I couldn't do it for my fish-favs like Chinchou :( Really hope they bring this back in Gen VI and improve it.


I have been playing pokemon games for more than a decade and the only shiny I have ever seen is the Gyarados you can catch at lake of rage. I have spent countless hours searching for them and I have never even seen let alone caught one even with the pokeradar in the Sinnoh region.


I was looking for a chansey with a lucky egg in gold (the area where you trade for an aerodactyl). I came across a shiny nidoran (can’t remember if it was male or female), but I wasn’t in the market for a nidoran at the time and catching it would have upset my plans for a chansey with lucky egg. So I passed it up, even though I knew I probably would never get the chance again. I did get my lucky egg chansey though.

Later on I traded my pokémon from Yellow to Crystal and found out Aquamarine, my lapras was purple instead of blue. I renamed her Amethyst.


Pfft... The only shiny I've ever seen, or noticed anyway, you never know with things like Garchomp, was a Geodude. I caught it and shoved it into the PC to never see the light of day again. xD


My only legit shiny is a Bibarel I caught as a Bidoof in Diamond.


My first shiny was a Kricketot in Platinum, just after I had caught Rotom (after the 2nd gym). I have a random shiny Ursaring in SoulSilver, a shiny Luvdisc (on Route 4, when it was sandstorming, even), and a shiny Oshawott I accidentally got through Masuda method. I also got a shiny Drifloon in X, when I hadn't even gotten to the 2nd gym yet, and a shiny Dugtrio I caught just before I was thinking about how cool it would be if I came across one, with all the dust clouds chasing me in Lumiose Badlands. So I guess I'm pretty lucky.