Since in-game time is the same as the DS time, why can't I plant a berry and set the clock a few hours ahead to advance the growth?


Have you tried?


It can tell if you've messed with the clock and it disrupts time-based events.


I have tried, yes. How does it "know"?


Probably because of a discrepancy between playing time and real time.

Either that, or the DS communicates with the cartridge secretly. Try saving the game, removing the cartridge, changing the time, putting the cartridge back in, and opening it again.


The DS game has its own clock and battery. It is the same way it can tell if you're trying to transfer more than 6 pokemon in 24 hours.


I mean using Pal Park and a GBA game. Pokemon has better security than the likes of Animal Crossing.


So kind of like the original RBY/GSC games, then? That had their own clock and stuff, I mean.


I have tried everything. It KNOWS. How did they fit a battery in there :/


They probably have a bit in the DS that detects when the clock suddenly changes. It knows that time doesn't skip a few hours in one second. ;)


That's bullshit. Maybe I travel a lot.


Couldn't they just have some variable in the DS, accessible to the cartridge, that is set to true for twenty-four hours after you change the clock, or contains the time you last changed the DS clock, or something like that? It doesn't have to detect changes; you use the DS's own interface to change the clock, so the console can record that however it pleases.


It's a dick move if it does that.


It is a dick move of them to decide how you play the games they make?


I'm not complaining about Pokemon, I'm complaining about the DS.


You're complaining about extra functionality? That is even stranger!


Extra functionality != bonus goodies.


So... you're complaining that it provides a way for game developers to safeguard against cheating, to use as they see fit?

Slightly annoying if you like to cheat, maybe, but a "dick move"? Really?


Yes. No. Wait ... what.

The Nintendo DS records the fact that you changed the time. It just makes me sad.