21:11 Hotmedal I need the torrent or download link for the English Pokemon Black or White ROM

21:12 Hotmedal all I see is japanese crap that's poorly translated

21:16 Hotmedal Oh wait

21:16 Hotmedal does it even exist?

21:22 Hotmedal

21:22 Hotmedal this is not ROM, amirite?

21:22 Hotmedal er... would it work with an emulator?

As you can see I am n00bish in the ways of emulators and IRC.


This is kind of un-classy. What do you need it for? If the language matters then you're probably not data-mining.

If you can't find it yourself, just dump your own cartridge.


Of course I'm not data-mining. I just want to play the game.


Get a damn job and shell out the thirty bucks. I pay far more than that a month just to keep the server going.



(seriously not joking I will never get over how cheap vidya games are in the USA, or possibly any continent besides Oceania. Even discounting exchange rate and shipping costs, the markup is still insane. Especially since the NZ dollar has become way stronger recently! Not that you can expect retail price to drop in response, though. I suppose their prices 'cover' for importing during weak exchange rates, like when 1 NZD = 0.5 USD or whatever, it's happened before.)

(At this point I'm just kind of rambling about nothing. I always liked that swf.)


It kind of puzzles me when people looking for assistance pirating X go to general fan sites for X. Dedicated fans of X are the people most likely to have shelled out actual money for it; walking up to them cheerfully announcing that unlike them you're not planning to pay a single penny for it doesn't seem like the best way to get help. It's kind of like walking into a gathering of PhDs asking if they know any of those handy websites that sell fake degrees. They could be able to help you, in theory, and some of them could have fake degrees, but ultimately they're pretty likely to just kindly tell you to GTFO.

If you're looking for ROMs, go to a ROM site, where everyone's a pirate.


I don't think any of those isoHunt links at the top are legitimate. The actual ROM is 256 MB in size, and two of those ROMs would add up to 512 MB. Don't trust any rar files you find on torrent sites.

I got my R4 copy off of isoHunt, but by now the site is probably filled with fake links or links to TV episodes.

If you just want to play the game and aren't planning on doing any hacking like I was (and never plan on doing any hacking), then you're probably better off just buying it. I mean, getting it on a fl--wait. If you want to just emulate it, then your dilemma is bigger, because then you also need to buy a ROM dumper, and those aren't easy to find, as they're generally illegal as well.



Also if you're not planning on doing any Let's Play recordings. Those are pretty hard to do on the DS itself (read: pretty much impossible with a completely legitimate cartridge), so people will generally use emulators.

Anyway, you will find them on isoHunt where you were searching before, but make sure that the file size is exactly 512 MB. Otherwise, it's probably loaded with a bunch of other crap that your computer may not like.