Does anyone know how to get into the new "Spooky Manor" area in the Pokemon Dream World? Or any other areas for that matter? I checked all over the Global Link today and didn't even find a mention of the new area.

I went to the Island of Dreams, and it sent me automatically to the Pleasant Forest without giving me any choices. I read somewhere on the Internet that the area you go to is randomly determined. Is that true? If so, it would suck because you can only go once per day, meaning you would potentially have to wait days just for one chance to get into the new area.

If anyone reading this knows any useful info, I'd greatly appreciate it.

P.S. Hey, Eevee, are you excited about the Doctor Who finale this weekend?


The area is indeed randomly determined, but you can go as many times per day as you want as long as you don't use a berry to make a wish and take a Pokémon or whatever.


Many thanks for the info, Zhorken. I knew someone here would know something. Given this new information, the area being randomly determined isn't so bad. Again, many thanks.


Okay, this is not cool. Zhorken, you were right. You can go to the Island of Dreams as many times as you want as long as you don't make a wish at the Tree of Dreams. That's not too bad, so I kept wandering through each area, collecting items and playing games with the pokemon, until I had been to the Island of Dreams 10 times.

On my sixth try, I was sent to the Spooky Manor. However, after exploring the entire place, I found absolutely NOTHING anywhere. No matter where I went in the Spooky Manor, there were no shaking objects with pokemon behind them, no sparkly spots that give you items, just a whole lot of NOTHING.

The first time this happened, I thought, "Okay, maybe you have to bring a certain type of pokemon to the Spooky Manor to encounter pokemon." But after five tries in a row of encountering absolutely nothing in both the Spooky Manor and Pleasant Forest, it cannot be a coincidence.

It absolutely could not have been a fluke that after going to the Island of Dreams five times, there were no Pokemon or items at all. I take this to mean that TPCI has programmed the Island of Dreams to be completely barren after going to it five times in one day. This means that unless you get to the area you want to go to within five tries, there is absolutely nothing you can do except leave the Dream World and come back the next day.

Has this happened to anyone else?


That happens to me, too, but I don't think it's per day; I'm pretty sure it's per tuck-in. And I'm not sure if it's five tries or so many games or what. But yeah, just wake your Pokémon up and tuck it back in.


I've noticed that when I've run out of water for watering friends berries the isle is barren, I might be crazy, but if you find it's barren transfer your pokemon back to your game and then back to DW and it tends to be fine!


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