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  • It's been months since the international release of BW

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For me... well, it's been a long time, huh? I have been playing them for a long time, and by now, I have done a lot of things, and probably caught over half of the current Pokédex... and boy, I have also done pretty much every event that is there! The experience when you start the game the first time is something that you can only have once...


I feel raging jealousy towards you. I bet your DS doesn't even have a busted hinge like mine. Then again, I have nearly caught them all using 2 GBA carts and 2 Advanced carts. It is just as well that I don't have the new ones to waste time with.


I think having an Internet connection made everything easier since the first set of DS games, huh?


I'm disappointed by the length of the postgame. I like the idea of catching new old Pokémon and replacing half of your team, but there's not enough random trainers to do that while also feeling like I'm accomplishing something. Kanto in HG/SS was huge; a landmass that size with trainers as tough as the ones in BW's postgame would be ideal.

The games themselves are great - idle animations in battle, infinitely reusable TMs, they're all brilliant. Just a pity they have to add new fodder moves with every generation - is anyone going to use a 30-power Feint any more than they used a 50-power Feint that doesn't do anything if the opponent didn't use Protect/Detect? What about Struggle Bug and Incinerate?


Fodder moves are for the beginning and middle of the game, I think. I had no problem using up seed bullet the minute I got it.


in 58 days this thread will be 10 years old lol