Hey guys. Looks like the forums are kind of dead, huh? Anyway, I've managed to gain legitimate access to almost every species of Pokemon in my generation 4 games. It's taken a while, but it's been worth it. The only problem is, I'm missing one species. I have not been able to get a Stunky/Skuntank. From what I can see, you can only get Stunky if you have a Diamond version. Since I only have Platinum, you can see my problem. The only other way to get one is to trade, or buy a used Diamond version.

Buying a used Diamond version would be difficult, since I'm strapped for cash at the moment. And I haven't had much luck on the trading front, because I don't know anyone who has a Diamond version, and on the GTS, people I find that have Stunky usually want something outrageous for it, like a Deoxys or something. So, as you probably can guess, I was wondering if anyone here has a Stunky they can trade.

As I've previously stated, between my Platinum and SoulSilver versions, I've managed to obtain almost every species, so if you want something specific to trade, I can probably get it. Still, I'd prefer not to trade anything Legendary, but we'll see. If anyone is interested in helping me out, just leave a reply in this thread, and we'll talk. If I get any serious replies, then I'll post my friend code.

Well, that's it. Thanks in advance to anybody who at least takes the time to read this.


Oh hey Ailuros! :D I could get you a Stunky EASY. I honestly don't mind what you have for trade. If you name out some guys who you think would be worth it, we can talk then.

PS- I'd be trading on my Diamond game, so, uh, yeah. Just saying. >.<


Cool. You're on Diamond, huh? Let me see... How about some Pokemon that can't normally be found in Diamond. How about one of these: Misdreavus Houndour Spheal Shieldon Glameow

Or if you're missing a starter pokemon I have almost all of them. Just shoot me back a reply with one you want, and I'll make the necessary preparations.

As far as what you're trading, it would be cool if you had a female Stunky, but I've got Ditto, so either gender is fine. Here is the info for my SoulSilver version: Trainer Name: KENNETH Friend Code: 2536-5953-5485

P.S. Let me know in your reply what time would work best to make the trade. I'm free most anytime.


Oh! claps Spheal sounds good! :D A time?.. Uhh.. Would 4 pm (Central Time) work? Well, just snagged a LV 15 female Stunky for you. Trainer name: TYLER Friend Code: 2323-0595-6000


On Wednesday? Yeah, that would work. I'm having trouble figuring out what time zone Veekun's forums are set to, 'cause it is definitely not my own. Assuming your last post was sometime Tuesday evening (if I'm calculating correctly), then yes, 4 pm Central Time on Wednesday, 01 February is fine.


Alrighty. Trade's done. :D Thankyou kindly for the Spheal! :D


Cool. Thanks, man. Hope you enjoy your new Spheal.