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  • I would like to draw your attention to weechat


Seeing as irssi development appears to have gone dead cold two years ago I went looking for another ncurses-based IRC client and found this. It's basically got all the same power irssi does and then some, with none of its long-standing bugs and, perhaps most importantly, development remains very active and the script community is quite alive too (in contrast to irssi's scripts page which hasn't been updated in years). It didn't take me very long to set it up with the same things I got out of irssi, and it does a number of things much better than irssi too.

A nice side benefit is that since its nicklist is built-in, there's no more dependency on screen meaning you can now happily run your IRC client in tmux where it belongs. Other irssi scripts which are built-in features include the (which has been improved to mIRC-level read marker by allowing you to enter a key combo to jump to its current position) and scripts.'s feature is not built-in but available from the scripts page as; by default it's a sidebar like the nicklist, but you can make it into a horizontal bar by adjusting its bar setting (/set bottom).

I recommend checking it out if you too have noticed that irssi is showing its age and seemingly dead as a project.


this kind of thing makes me really wary. :(